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see your day

By colour-coding your time entries for projects, lunch breaks, social events and more, Kipu makes it easy to see how you’ve spent your time and even easier to fill gaps in your day. Learn More

Image of the application journal window, showing a single day to demonstrate how to enter time.

Find patterns.
Find efficiencies.

Where have you been spending most of your time? What’s your work/life balance like? Kipu can help you see patterns in your time so you can make every day a more productive day. Learn More

Image of the application journal window, showing multiple time entries to demonstrate have to visualize patterns.


You can never do too much with Kipu. Unlimited projects. Always.


Make collaboration a cinch with connected projects.

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Report on staff time all at once for easy invoicing.

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About Kipu

Created with the busy creative in mind, Kipu combines super-simple time tracking and an innovative social calendar with intuitive reporting, helping you become more productive and efficient at work, rest and play.

Just $8 per month

That’s right, once Kipu is out of beta it’ll be just $8 per month. For the average freelancer, that’s around two billable hours per year for access to the best performance boost since Red Bull. Cool!

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