Painless time entry. For real.

For the busy creative, there are two things that never make any sense with time tracking systems. First, you have to save your time with elaborate forms and endless dropdowns. Second, you’re always trying to remember what you actually did each day.

With Kipu, you just drag your time when it happened, select the project you were working on, and you’re done. And with a new way to see your day, making sure your calendar is full is a breeze.

[Product Screenshot] Painless time entry. For real.

A new way to see your day.

By colour-coding your time entries for projects, lunch breaks, social events and more, Kipu makes it easy to see how you’ve spent your time, and even easier to fill the gaps in your day.

By having your time follow your day from start to finish, Kipu thinks just like you do, so you don’t have to rack your brain just to track your day. With Kipu, your post-break phone call or after meeting work is easy to recall. And with each gap you fill in, you get to see a quick overview of how your days and weeks have been spent.

But don’t take our word for it, try Kipu now and see just what we mean.

[Product Screenshot] A new way to see your day.

Find patterns. Find efficiencies.

Tracking time isn’t just about making sure you get paid. With Kipu, we want to help you improve your work efficiency and make sure you’re enjoying your play time.

With the same calendar interface you use to enter time, you have an always on view of your week that lets you quickly see where you’ve been spending too much time, or not enough.

And with unlimited projects, you can never do too much with Kipu.

[Product Screenshot] Find patterns. Find efficiencies.

Collaborate with ease by building project teams.

As much as Kipu is about helping you, we know that great projects are the product of great teams. And Kipu is designed with team play in mind.

With each project, you can invite trusted team members to work with you, sharing time and building group reports for smart planning, ongoing project reviews, and easy billing.

[Product Screenshot] Collaborate with ease by building project teams.

Productive reports designed to save you and your team time.

Time tracking is only as good as the reporting you can do on the time you’ve entered. Kipu provides you with quick access to reports by date, project, and team member. Mix and match as you like for in progress project reports, billing reports, or staff reports.

[Product Screenshot] Productive reports designed to save you and your team time.